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Friday, January 27, 2006

Home Roasted Espresso - 2.5 Days Later

7:00am This morning I brewed an espresso from the first popcorn-popper batch roasted on Wednesday 25/1/06... less acidity and much more body than on the first day. My grind was a little too fine, so the pour was very tight, but the result was sweet & strong ~20ml and highly enjoyable (no over-extraction). I still think the overall flavour is a little flat - but this isn't a blend, so I don't expect any complexity. Also strange to note that the beans are not as fragrant as I expected them to be - and there hasn't been as much gas in the bag as I expected (perhaps due to the one-way valve bag I have used?).

That said, I just went out for brekky this morning (9am) and ordered a short black for comparisons sake. The cafe has a reasonable reputation for good coffee - but I'm proud to say that it was nowhere near as nice as my home-made, home-roasted espresso this morning.

I usually drink my coffee with milk, but I'm finding that the home-roasted coffee is so sweet (without sugar) and tastes better as a short-black. Good for the waistline!

The batch from yesterdays roasting session (the ones that I roasted a bit darker) smell fantastic today. The oils are visible this morning - tiny droplets on the surface of the bean. I can't wait to try them. I'll give it a go this afternoon.

Read more about espresso coffee here.


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