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Monday, February 06, 2006

Here's how to indulge in your choice of fresh roasted coffee beans every single day - and save money whilst you're at it!

Yep, the coffee bug sure bites! And when it does, you find you spend heaps of $$$ on coffee. When I first bought my espresso machine in December, I went through about 3kg of beans just getting the grind right! The solution... roast your own!

As I've been roasting at home, I've also been measuring the weight of the beans before and after. I find that after roasting the coffee beans (Columbian Popyan Supremo) in the popcorn popper, I lose about 15-20% weight. This is obviously due to water loss, chaff loss and the few beans that spill out during the roast.

So here's the math:
1 kilogram roasted beans here in Perth Western Australia = $40

1 kilo green beans is approx $15 (varies on type) and yields a minimum of 800g roasted (about 20% loss in weight). So you need 1.25 kilograms of green beans to yeild 1 kilo of roasted beans.

Total = 1.25 x $15 = $18.75 per kilo.

That's less than half price... and because I can roast on an as-needed basis, the coffee is fresh every day - so it tastes better than any pre-roasted coffee I could buy!!!


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