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Saturday, February 11, 2006

I roasted the decaf last night

I must say I was a little disappointed. The coffee was Swiss Water decaffeinated Peru (see pic in previous post). I definitely found it difficult to distinguish the first and second cracks... they seemed very quiet and sort of ran into each other.

SWISS WATER: Organic decaffeination process coffee roasting guidelines green coffee beans: "Roasting decaffeinated coffee has often been compared to flying blind, even by experienced roasters. The usual cues provided by sound and sight are much less distinct with a decaf roast. When roasting decafs you will notice that the usual two cracks you hear will be much less pronounced."
I think the coffee tasted bad because, being a novice roaster, my roast was bad. I'll definitely have to read up a bit more and try again.

The resulting coffee poured quickly through the espresso machine, so I needed to adjust to a finer grind than normal. Once a good pour was achieved, the coffee was drinkable, but certainly not anything to rave about. The crema dissipated within 30 seconds. :-(


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