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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Nothing beats the Guiness-like crema from home roasted coffee

The best thing about home roasted coffee is the fantastic crema. The crema on my espressos today as been thick and full - looks a lot like Guiness. In fact, most of the liquid is actually crema. You can check out what a good crema looks like at Mark Prince's excellent Espresso MiniFAQ.

In addition, a good crema like this makes the perfect base for Latte art (coffee art)... which I'm trying my hand at. I poured half a rosetta today! Damn it's difficult! It's easy to create nice coffee art with a thick dark crema, good milk and a toothpick - but the free-pour art is tough.

You'll know if I ever get anywhere near a good rosetta - the camera is primed. I think it'll be a while *sigh*.

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