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Friday, March 24, 2006

Home Espresso Woes

Being cold, I want more coffee... but it took me three goes to pour a good espresso this morning. There's been a drastic change in the weather lately. On monday it was air-con weather - today it's cold, rainy and I'm all rugged
up! The weather air is quite humid - I don't know if that is affecting the grind. I had to crank the dial up much coarser than usual. Such a waste of coffee. The first two attempts didn't even manage to squeeze any juice into my cup *sigh*.

Actually, its one of the things about espresso that has really surprised me... just how much a coffee grinders grind varies with the weather and day to day. I attended an espresso course earlier this year. I learned that its normal to change the grind 50 times a day in an espresso bar! Add to that the fact that they dial-in the grind with a few test-shots every morning. We home espresso makers don't have the luxury of that... even with home roasted beans, it's still too expensive to throw all that coffee away.



Blogger Larry said...

I feel your pain! We had rain in the desert today and I'm just drinking what dribbled out of the portafilter.

6:20 AM  

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