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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Espresso Coffee - Light Reading

We have the beginnings of a new 'light reading' section of articles. Check out Espresso Days - if you're feeling creative, there are a few coffee recipes to try throughout the day. You'll find recipes for morning, afternoon and evening coffees, as well as a few non-espresso coffee ideas to try.

We will try to add one new light reading article per month. They will be listed on the "Learn More about Coffee" page.

These articles will soon be released for reprint too… as long as you link back to our site. Stay posted for instructions, otherwise contact us via the main Coffee Makers Cafe site and we'll let you know how you can use our articles on your own site for free.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Krups Coffee Makers

Following on from the last post, we have just added a new page about Krups coffee makers. This page includes links to Amazon where you can buy new machines, refurbished machines, parts and accessories.

During our Krups research, we found that the following search terms were used on a regular basis to find Krups coffee makers. Why not try them in your own search efforts?

"        part
"        thermal
"        4 cup
"        expresso
"        aroma control
"        12 cup
"        premium
"        replacement part
"        pro aroma
"        aroma
"        accessories
"        duothek
"        water filter
"        10 cup
"        carafe
"        filter
"        thermal carafe
"        dual
aroma coffee control krups maker thermal
coffee krups maker review
coffee espresso krups maker

Friday, May 13, 2005

Cuisinart Coffee Makers

At Coffee-Makers-Cafe, we are finding more and more people are searching for coffee makers by brand. Whether looking to buy a particular model, evaluate a brand or find specific replacement parts, it is important for the searcher to be able to find good information and links.

Some time ago we added a page with information about bunn coffee makers. Today we have added a new page about cuisinart coffee makers that includes a link to Amazon where you can buy new machines, refurbished machines, parts and accessories.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Coffee Makers Cafe Weekly Update

Short on time... but not on ideas! This means that no new content has been added to our site this week, but there are new coffee articles been planned and written as we speak (read/write!). Traffic is steadily increasing to the Coffee Makers Cafe site. This is fantastic news and makes all the effort seem worthwhile.

These latest articles were added recently (see previous posts):

Click to read :: Coffee Gift Basket Ideas – for those looking for a unique gift idea for the coffee lover.
Click to read :: History of Coffee – for those interested in the beginnings of our favorite drink.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Coffee Gift Basket Ideas & Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Coffee gift baskets are a fantastic gift for your coffee loving friends. Why not make a paper-basket filled with gourmet beans, coffee-filter paper and a wooden scoop? If you'd like to buy a more expensive gift, try a handcrafted coffee gift basket or fill a designer cup or mug with gourmet beans. A coffee grinder or high quality flavoring syrup also make nice gifts.

Check out these common searches for more ideas. The following are some of the most searched for coffee gifts on the internet:

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coffee mug gift, coffee gift box, coffee gift set, coffee or tea gift, basket chocolate coffee gift, basket coffee gift gourmet handcrafted,
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coffee gift mug set, box coffee gift specialty, basket christmas coffee gift tea, gourmet coffee gift set

Click here to find a neat article, plus more coffee gift ideas

Monday, May 02, 2005

First History of Coffee Article Added

"Today we drink a staggering 4 billion cups each and every year and there are many among us who would simply refuse to start our day without it."… from Is Coffee The Most Popular Drink In History? by Mary Chambers.

For months we have been promising to add articles about the history of coffee to The first is now added… check it out by clicking on the title of this post.

Once you have read this article about the history of coffee, why not follow these links to learn more about modern day coffee…pod coffee makers and coffee maker pods, automatic espresso machines and flavored coffee.

If you have an article - on the history of coffee, or any other coffee-related topic - that you would like published on our site, let us know by using the contact form at