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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Home roasted drip coffee and my brave little laptop

Since buying my coffee grinder and espresso machine in early December 2005, I think I've only once brewed something other than espresso. I vaguley remember brewing a plunger... but I might have imagined that.

Anyway, today I felt like something a bit more thirst quenching than 25ml of espresso - but I still needed the caffeine hit. So, I brewed a single cup in my little pour-over drip filter brewer thingy.

Tasted great! Here 'tis! (Look how brave my laptop is.)
It's a great day for working on Coffee Makers Cafe. There's a lovely thunderstorm happening here in Perth, Western Australia. We've had such a mild Summer (Dec/Jan/Feb) and heading into Winter (Jun/Jul/Aug) we're starting to see a little more rain. I hope we get more rain than last year... so maybe we can have less water restriction next Summer. The only problem with colder weather is my popcorn popper takes a little too long to roast a batch of beans.

I'll be posting an article on the main site in a few days - coffee brewers - a little look at the types of brewers available for home use. The reason is that I notice a few more searches cropping up for the term 'coffee brewers'. Here's a sample of what people are looking for:
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3 brewer coffee station



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