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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Here's the Cheapest Way to Brew Your Own Amazing Coffee at Home

This neat little one-cup filter coffee brewer is similar to the one I talked about in the post below. It's the Melitta Black Coffee Filter Cone 1-3 Cup and it's really cheap and really effective. Here in Australia, these get added as 'bonus giveaways' with packs of preground coffee in the supermarket... incentives to buy. That's where I got mine from a few years back. Mine's not exactly the same as shown here, but does the same thing.

Anyway, for the cheapest home coffee:
1. Buy one of these brewers. Forget the machines and contraptions.
2. Buy some green beans... they're cheaper.
3. Buy a cheap popcorn popper.
4. Roast at home and brew in your little one-cup brewer.

Your coffee will taste amazing and save you money.

You can find info on how to do all the above on this blog and at the main site Coffee Makers Cafe. You can also do a search on Google or check out the Blogroll on the right for more info.



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