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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Coffee - seriously addictive - in more ways than one.

It seems some people think I've gone a little overboard with my addiction to all things coffee lately. I've always needed at least one hit of caffeine every day, but that's not my motivation when it comes to this obsession. Being an obsessive-compulsive type, I'm addicted to getting-it-right... and the only way to get espresso right is to have a good machine, better-than-good grinder and fresh-roasted beans. Add to that the lure of coffee culture, rich coffee history, the beauty of the coffee story - bean to cup. There's so much to learn and I know so little! It's safe to say I'll spend the rest of my life addicted to every aspect of coffee.
Interesting article says I'm not the only one…
Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, Inc. - Chicago Tribune Magazine - Ruling The RoastNow home roasting is in the midst of a renaissance. In kitchens, garages, fireplaces, back yards and even bathtubs across the country, thousands of passionate coffee lovers are shunning commercially roasted beans and doing it themselves. Like Brown, they say the difference is dramatic, like comparing stale bread with a loaf that's fresh from the oven.

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