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Monday, February 13, 2006

My new home roasting coffee popper chimney

This could have been my post…
CoffeeSnobs - What to use as a popper chimney?: "I'm roasting quite happily with my $20 popper at the moment, but can't help but feel that I'm not reaching the machines potential with the short little chimney I've forged out of an old baked beans tin. If I fill the popper enough so that they don't swirl around at the start of the roast, by the time first crack hits they are flying OUT of the machine. Although I suppose I could always just use a bigger tin, there must be a better solution, and I've seen plenty of pictures of odd shaped and ingenious chimneys right here. Any suggestions? "
… except I was using no Chimney at all! I was sooo frustrated with the small batch size I was limited to - to prevent overflow. After reading the CoffeeSnobs discussion, I went out this morning and bought a Golden Circle 1 ltr (tall) tinned juice. I have since drank a litre of juice (hey, it's hot here today - 36degC = ~96.8F),made the tin into a Chimney and roasted a 125g batch of green beans. Much better! Sigh of relief. I reckon I could roast 140g without a problem... we'll see.


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