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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The espresso learning curve

When I first bought my espresso machine and grinder in early December 05, I had no idea it would take so long to get the perfect shot. I guess I thought after about ten goes, I'd see a nice pour. Boy was I wrong! I think it took about 2 kilos of coffee and many day's effort before I saw something I liked.

Then, even when I had a great looking pour (honey-like, 1ml/sec for 25-30 seconds), the taste wasn't quite right. That of course led me to start home-roasting. Immediately the taste of my espressos improved dramatically. I was surprised how much easier it was to get a "god-shot" with fresh roasted coffee. The pour is superb and the crema is thick like guiness. The taste difference is astounding. Comparing fresh-roasted coffee with preground (or even pre-roasted whole beans) is like comparing 100% freshly squeezed juice with a canned reconstituted juice.

Now, my next hurdle is Latte art. Not that it impacts the taste in any way, I just really want to be able to do it. Coffee art is one of the reasons I bought my particular espresso machine (Sunbeam EM6900). It was affordable (being thermoblock and not boiler type), but it has twin thermoblocks - one dedicated to the steam wand... so it is capable of producing the microfoam needed for Latte art.

Yesterday I thought I was getting close... a few squiggles on my coffee. Today, I'm back to square one - just a blob of white foam. *Sigh*. I can't wait until I can post a piccy of my first apple or rosetta - by the look of things, that could be a few more months/years away!

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