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Friday, February 24, 2006

Specialty Coffee Espresso in Pods - Hmmmmm - Maybe?

I was listening to a great podcast this morning from It was an interview with Timothy Tulloch, roastmaster for European Roasterie - He was talking about how EuroRoast is bringing specialty coffee to the pod market. I must say I'm still skeptical. Every pod coffee I've had is not so great (better than instant, but that's about it). Anyway, apparently EuroRoast has developed a pod which can be used with currently available pod brewers - including Black and Decker (best results) and Senseo (worst results due to lowest brewing temperature). Their pods contain more coffee than other pods (11g as opposed to 7 or 9 grams). They overcome the freshness issue by individually packaging the pods at less than 2% oxygen within each package. It sounds promising.

Checking out their site just now... looks like there is another coffee podcast to listen to! Can't seem to find any of their pods for sale though?????

If you don't think it's possible and you're interested in hearing more about these specialty coffee pods, check out the FirstCrack podcast with Timothy Tulloch here.



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